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  • NicoleSharee Imagery is a full service photography company specializing in portrait, newborn & boudoir photography as well as high end image retouching & restoration.
  • Welcome

    Hello and welcome! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and for considering me as the photographer for your next occasion.

    I consider it my pleasure to make your experience enjoyable and give you exactly what you are looking for. To do that, I will first help you plan your session and guide you through what to do with your final images during a design and product consultation. I will put you at ease by adequately preparing you for the session so you are not only comfortable but look and feel great in front of the camera while I capture your essence unlike anyone else. The images I create for you will be naturally enhanced but not over-stylized so they are sure to withstand the test of time! Finally, I will help you preserve your favorite images in the form of beautiful, archival prints and products you will love to share and display in your home.

    The portraits I create for you will reflect and preserve significant milestones in your life, so they deserve expert attention and customized care from a professional such as myself. Occasions will come and go, but your memories - in photographs - should last a lifetime!

    Girl Behind The Lens

    Hello! I am Nicole Ubben of NicoleSharee Imagery. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

    When I'm not taking or editing photos you can find me dancing shamelessly, singing loudly (with or without musical accompaniment), or snuggling with my fiance, Luke and our two fur babies, Olivia and Coraline. We often forget they're cats based on their dog-like personalities and their willingness to tag along on long roadtrips!

    I love to travel, near and far. I enjoy people watching and discovering fabulous new places to eat. When traveling with others, I get them to slow down and appreciate the surroundings while I pause for new photo opportunities (or different ways to capture old ones). I'll be honest, it happens at least once down every street and around every corner!

    My passion for photography gives others the chance to "see what I see" all the while capturing life's moments. It has been one of the biggest challenges but greatest rewards in my life, and the writer in me appreciates the art of visual story telling. A single photograph says a lot, but a collection of images work together to tell the story now so it can be enjoyed, shared, and retold for generations!

    Now that you have an idea of who I am, I'd love to know more about you and your unfolding story and I am inspired by the thought of capturing it. Click Contact at the top of the page to connect with me!


    Read what others are saying about NicoleSharee Imagery...

    "LOVED her!! Very professional and extremely attentive. I was constantly sending her questions and she would get back to me right away. She can definitely make you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation! I'm so happy I decided to go with her!!" ~ Michelle A.

    "We were simply amazed at the quality of the photos that were taken. Nicole has an amazing eye for the best shot, and works tirelessly to get the best possible result! Thanks for beautifully preserving our memories on our special day Nicole!!!" ~ JP H.

    "Our family photos are STUNNING!! Not only that, but she is a full service photographer!! From posing our family in a beautiful location and taking the photos to editing then choosing the best of the best to show us. Then she went over each photo with us and helped to sort them out at my own kitchen table while her man played with my kids (not part of the package, just his kindness). She took photos of my walls and arranged the right sized prints for the area and offers to frame them so they come ready to hang! It's an incredible start to finish service folks. You won't regret it." ~ Melissa D.

    "Nicole is very professional, and great to work with. Our family has really enjoyed our time shooting with her and we're always excited when we see the results." ~ Jon M.

    "We had family photos taken by Nicole when our son was 6 months old. These photos will always be cherished by my family because she captured his little personality perfectly! She was great at accommodating our time and location around his schedule and worked with us to determine what would be comfortable, fun and appropriate for us. The pictures of him as a baby are timeless at our house because she had such an eye for his best qualities!" ~ Elizabeth S.

    "Nicole was a great photographer who was able to make the fussiest of babies look amazing in the photos. She was patient and had a TON of tricks to make him look good and peaceful." ~ FDP Anonymous

    "I don't have kids -- but I do have a dog that I love dearly and Nicole treated our photo shoot like it was just as important as any other family portrait! She is very creative and worked really well with my dog to get some adorable poses and photos I treasure. Nicole is a master of photo editing too! I highly recommend her for senior portraits, head shots, family photos, weddings and pet portraits! Love her work." ~ Paula T.

    "Nicole was amazing. Our toddler was a disaster during the session, but you'd NEVER know that from the pictures! I thought I'd maybe buy one family picture for a keepsake, but they all turned out so amazing that I had to buy them all." ~ FDP Anonymous

    "I can tell you first hand she puts a lot of time and energy into her work. As her first customer I can tell you she has developed into a professional photographer and the work she has done since then is phenomenal. I have gone back since. She is one of the best around and can do any type of theme or setting at the same level. Now thats impressive!" ~ Lance U.

    "Great photography. My son's senior pics turned out great along with other family pics. I highly recommend Nicole for all your photography needs." ~ Colette H.

    "Nicole does absolutely amazing work!! I could not have had my senior pictures turn out any better! She is makes the session fun and brings ideas but always makes sure you get what you want! Her editing is phenomenal for a great price and in a short amount of time!! I definitely recommend her for any kind of photography!" ~ Ashley V.

    "Nicole brought out the best in our new addition to the family! Superbly well done!" ~ FDP Anonymous

    "Nicole puts forth 110% effort and energy into every photo session she has. I would highly recommend her for a newborn, senior or family session!" ~ Luke O.

    "Photography done right! We've used Nicole's professional skills for our family portraits and couldn't have been more pleased. Her attention to every detail in shooting and her experienced editing brought us back again for our daughters senior shoot. Wow- just phenomenal!!! If I could give 10 stars she would deserve every one of them!" ~ Christi M.

    "Thanks for not only taking some beautiful pictures but making it fun and having all the patience to get the right shots. I absolutely love my pictures!" ~ Veronica M.

    "Nicole is a perfectionist in every single sense of the word. I did a boudoir shoot with her as a wedding gift for my husband. While it may sound intimidating, it was honestly the most exhilarating and self-empowering experience I've ever had. Nicole was very professional, and all of her shots were very tasteful, while still being sexy. Editing & proofing was swift, and the final product (which was a photo album) was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. My husband was ECSTATIC. Flash forward 16 months -- My husband & I went back to Nicole for maternity photos. Again, the shots were tasteful, and we now have a beautiful account of the amazing journey of becoming parents. If we lived closer to her ALL of our family photos would be done with NicoleSharee Imagery!" ~ Danielle P.

    "Nicole was great! She captured some wonderful photos that we will cherish for our lifetime. She was very friendly and fun to work with." ~ FDP Anonymous

    Professional Services

  • Session & Event Planning
  • Design Consultation
  • Photography
  • Photo Enhancing, Retouching & Restoration
  • In Person Viewing & Ordering
  • Prints, Canvas, Albums & Press Products
  • Customized Layout & Design
  • Cinemetography & Video Editing
  • Investment

    Session/Event Planning & Design Consultation:

    We will work together to bring your vision to fluition! During this time you will learn why I am the photographer for you based on the exceptional level of service I provide. We will also discuss your personal style and home decor so you end up with exactly what you want from your session! Nothing more, nothing less.

    Photography Session:

    I will help you choose the best unique location(s) where I will capture stunning, one-of-a-kind images of you and your family or group. Already have a location in mind or somewhere meaningful you love to spend your time? Let me know, I'd be happy to accommodate!


    Bad breakout? Kids have cuts and scrapes? No problem! I will pull your inward beauty to the surface by professionally enhancing and retouching the best photos from your session naturally without making you look fake or over-processed.


    We will schedule a complimentary in-person photo reveal and ordering session which will take place approximately 2 weeks after your session or 6-8 weeks after your wedding. This appointment is both included and required. During that scheduled time you will place your order based on the images you love. There is no minimum purchase requirement; however, you may find it helpful to know that my typical client invests $500-$1500 on archival prints, albums and wall art of the images I capture during their session.

    Options Everyone Will Love:

    I offer a wide variety of both a-la-carte and bundled prints and products which means no unwanted print packages to commit to; you get exactly what you want in the quantity you need. Let's fill your walls with gorgeous images you will very soon be falling in love with!

    Worry-Free Guarantee:

    Because we live in a digital age and seem to always be one click away from technilogical failure, I take upmost care in protecting the images from your session by making multiple back-ups both on and off-site until you have your order in your hands. You will want to place your entire order right after seeing your images want to take advantage of special offers and limited time discounts, but I will forever archive the high resolution copies of the portraits you order should you choose to order additional prints or products of those favorite images down the road.

    Please contact me for pricing and detailed package inclusions for your desired session or event. I look foward to working with you and helping you preserve your memories for years to come!

    Session Preparation


    Choose clothing that represents your personality and style. Examples: fun, flirty, sassy, traditional, elegant, classy, sporty, preppy, grungy, tough, sophisticated, etc.

    Avoid clothing with heavy text or logos.

    Full length and form fitting dresses or tops are recommended for maternity shoots. Solid colors work best as stripes and patterns can distract or give the illusion of a flatter tummy and we want to emphasize that baby bump, not hide it!

    Don't shy away from patterns, but only one person in your group should wear them.

    Choose things you would normally wear and are comforable in. If you feel uneasy your photos will show it!

    Wear bloomers under dresses so your poses are not restricted, especially on windy days.

    Layer and accessorize. Examples: jewelry, ties, hats, scarves, jackets, socks, etc.

    Dress for the weather. Wear or bring additional items with you that are easy to add or remove in case you get too warm or chilly. Having these options with you will keep you comfortable but will also alow for a variety of easily achieveable looks.

    Be conscious and plan for avoiding visible bra straps. You may consider picking up some double sided fashion tape to keep accessories or garments in place and undergarnments hidden.

    Make sure your clothes fit well and comfortably, avoiding really baggy or bulky tops as they can make you look larger on camera.

    If you are being photographed with another person, group or family members, try to coordinate or compliment colors without being too "matchy". Hint: add pieces of clothing and/or accessories in an accent color you can tie into everyone's outfit in some way.

    Take time to observe the color pallets and designs of the rooms you want to display your wall portraits in and plan your look and style accordingly.

    Before your session, lay all outfits out together and take a photo. Feel free to send the photo to me and I'm happy to provide feedback!

    Hair, Makeup & Hygene:

    Avoid chipped nail polish. Either remove it for natural looking nails or get a fresh manicure prior to your session. Your hands can and will show up in your photos!

    If you are having your hair or make-up professionally done for your wedding, consider usuing your trial session before your engagement shoot.

    If you don't typically wear make-up and choose to do so for your session, keep it natural.

    Come with your hair blow dryed and styled appropriately and avoid abrupt changes in your hairstyle the week before your session.

    Load up on the anti-frizz serum and bring hairpins, ties and hairspray along just in case. Blowing or stray hairs can be tricky to edit. Don't overdo it though, you don't want to look greasy!

    Avoid abrupt facial hair changes the day of your session. Skin can appear irritated and the last minute change will most likely be obvious in your photos.

    Bring along chapstick or lip gloss. Cracked lips can be tricky to edit.

    Make sure you wear sunscreen and protect yourself from sunburn. A little color is ok, but don't overdo it with tanning! Too much of a tan is not flattering in photographs and you don't want any tan lines to show.

    Avoid sunbed tanning the week before your session or using fake tanners. Your skin may appear burned, yellow or streaky and photographs will only amplify it.

    Please be mindful of any tanlines you may already have and choose your outfit accordingly making sure they are all hidden.

    Additional Planning/What To Bring:

    If your session is scheduled outdoors (particularly in a wooded area or near the water), wear and bring bug spray!

    Make sure your rings and jewelry are clean and shiny prior to your session.

    It's a good idea to bring a blanket along that compliments your outfit(s) for sitting or laying down poses, the ground could be wet or dirty even on a nice day!

    If there's even a chance of rain, bring a stylish umbrella along that is clear or otherwise coordinates with your wardrobe. Rain isn't always the enemy!

    Empty your pockets prior to the shoot. You don't want keys or phones showing through. If you must bring loose items with you on the shoot that cannot be left at home or in your vehicle, carry them in a small bag that you don't mind setting off to the side during the shoot.

    Ladies, bring along a face powder for touch-ups throughout the session and a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in.

    Viewing and Ordering

    My sessions cater well to those who are looking for fine art portraits in the form of framed prints, canvases or custom designed books or albums. To help meet your goals and provide you with beautiful artwork for your home, an in-person photo reveal session and ordering appointment will take place about two weeks after your portrait session once your edits are complete. This will be time I, your photographer, dedicate solely to you, my client, and is both included and required. It may even take place right in the comfort of your own home!

    I will present your images for the first time in a beatiful slideshow and then take you through all the steps from choosing your favorites to to helping you finalize your decisions about how you want to display and enjoy them forever. And the best part? I am able to show you what your portraits look like on YOUR walls at the RIGHT size! So awesome. This process will save you days of clicking through an online gallery of watermarked, low resolution images wondering what to do next! The way I will guide you through the ordering process during this appointment is invaluable and appreciated by all of my clients! It's the number one reason clients return to me and refer me to their friends and family.

    To inquire or book your session, click Contact at the top of the page. I look foward to working with you and helping you preserve your memories for years to come!

    Archival and Printing

    Technology changes fast. Although the option of digital photos may sound enticing, would you even know what to do with them? Or would the disc get tossed in a junk drawer after your fifteen minutes of social media fame comes to an end? Believe me when I say there is a better way to preserve your memories and it's not online!

    Let's be honest, you probably very rarely print, frame and display the photos you take let alone create books and albums. It's so time consuming! On your own, the options are endless and overwhelming. This may surprise you, but it is NOT your job to figure out what to do with your photos - that is your photographer's job! Believe it or not, if your photograhper is only giving you digital images from your session, they are doing you a disservice and leaving you with an overwhelmingly impossible task. By choosing me as your photographer, I will simplify the process and narrow the options down so you will get exactly what you love and what you want out of your session - every time! I strive to get your photos onto the walls of your home or in printed albums where you can enjoy them forever in a beautiful archival format that will never be forgotten or go out of style. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it?


    Receive bundled rates on related sessions (i.e. Engagements & Weddings or Maternity & Newborn).

    Did I photograph your newborn through First Day Photo? I would love to photograph your family again and will take $25 off your session fee for the referral!

    Order from a selection of discounted canvas gallery wrap collections or proof bundles.

    As a new client, friend or family member, receive a 10% discount on the print order you place during your photo reveal and ordering session (valid on prints only).

    As a new or loyal returning client (you read that correctly, this is for everyone), receive a 5% discount on the entire order you place during your photo reveal and ordering session (valid after qualifying pre-paid package credits and/or new client print only discounts have been applied; not valid on digital options, design fees, or already discounted canvas wrap collections and printed proof bundles).

    Opportunities to earn branded, web-optimized images with the purchase of prints & products!


    Client Proofing

    Newborns Children Seniors Friends Portraits Couples Engagements Boudoir Weddings Maternity Family Lifestyle Families Mini Sessions Pets Events Pin-Up Nature Behind The Scenes

    Thanks for viewing your proofs. You can login using the password you received from me.


    You may locate your date on the calendar below to see if I'm available to photograph your session or event! Please note that the calendar may not reflect pending sessions or cancellations and open dates do not guarantee availability.


    Email Address: nicole@nicoleshareeimagery.com

    Thank you for your interest in NicoleSharee Imagery! I would love to tell your story through photographs and preserve your memories with archival quality prints and products.

    You can learn about me and my process, see samples of my work and get an idea of my clients' typical investment by navigating through the menu at the top of the page.

    Please contact me by submitting the forrm below with any questions not addressed on my website or to set up an in-person or phone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!